About Steph


Hello, friends and family! I have turned my public blog into now a PRIVATE space where I can share the most recent going on in the Rubalcava’s lives. Facebook and other social media sites seem to only allow me to share with EVERYONE on my friends list. I chose to share our intimate moments with those who are interested only and who want to be actively involved.

I still plan to talk about my crafting, home decor, god, and such. This is just a look into my life, as if reading my own personal diary! I want those who are interested to be involved if they wish! I plan to continue to post to this blog until my membership is over (I don’t know when that is) but I will work hard to maintain this site for free after if possible, because I will no longer be paying for it! got baby stuff to pay for! super excited to share everything with everyone!



The Rubalcava’s