I Didn’t Pay to Preserve my Flowers

After seeing my Wedding Bouquet in person, I realized there is no way I’m preserving it! It was way too big! I either wanted it all preserved or not at all. I was looking into freeze drying my flowers but what I wanted was well over $800. And for that price, I can have Diego buy me replicas of my bouquet from our florists over the years. Instead I bought a shadow box from Hobby Lobby, used my circuit to make a monogram, and picked flowers from my wedding  bouquet, bridal bouquet, garland, and cross arrangement. I arranged them in the box and pinned them down. Overall I spent under $30! Another great idea is to buy clear ornaments and put petals and leaves from your bouquet for your christmas tree. Make sure to water your flowers, cut the stems, apply plant food, and show them love! Then when they start to die, hang them upside down so that the flowers can dry in that position versus drooping down.

I used Houston Flower Girls  for my flowers. She is also Known as Westside Flower Exchange. I would recommend her time and time again to anyone. She was affordable, and can create whatever vision you have in your head just by describing it! I told her my wedding colors and stated that I wanted the flowers to be wild, loose, and free. Magnolia Leaves were a must! She incorporated my wedding decor, Christmas wedding theme, and bridal party attire. More pictures of her work on her instagram! I Hope to upload more pictures once we get our wedding photo back! Please subscribe to my blog so that you will be one of the first to see my wedding photos.