Let Sparks Fly!

Where can you get wedding sparklers from?

So after hunting the internet and doing some research I found Superior Celebrations.

Obviously the sparklers we use for New Years and the 4th of July won’t cut it for a wedding. You want sparklers that last more than a minute, that can stay lit while you wait for people to get in line and get their own sparkler, set up the cameras, and do your grand exit.

You definitely want to at least buy 20″ sparklers. Those are the ones I saw recommended for weddings and the ones I got. They stay lit for 2 whole minutes. And I ordered way more than I needed. I wish I would have bought less and chosen the 36” sparklers instead. I recommend buying a little under half your guest count. This website sells a 40 pack of 36″ sparklers for $34.

You don’t have to buy from this website but make sure your sparklers have an “easy Light tip”. This makes it easier for the sparklers to be lit. And after lighting a few sparklers, its best to light other sparklers with each other. It’s faster. This website was the cheapest and most reliable sparklers I could find.

Here is a video of our grand exit!