The Easiest Way to Create your Wedding layout & Timeline


I wanted to share with my brides the website I used to plan my layout for my Venue. allows you to search for your venue layout, if not included you can create your own floor plan with measurements provided by your venue and arrange your furniture. Nearly every venue I searched was listed in the options. Once you pick your venue, it shows you how many tables and items the venue has for use. I placed everything where I thought I wanted it, I changed the color of my tables to the linen I wanted, and played around with decor options. I labeled the tables by numbers, uploaded my guest list and arranged seating for the peoples names at my bridal table, and named my family tables. I messed with this layout the whole year of my engagement up until 2 days before the wedding, when I had to make some last minute changes and let me tell you that this website came to the rescue! It made it so much easier!  Especially for the brides who are doing full arranged seating! This will make it so much easier for you. Arranged seating is every brides worst nightmare and if you’re going to do it you are in luck if you use Allseated. The best part about this website is that it allowed me to give access to my caterer, florist, linen decor, venue manager, and coordinator! So I didn’t have to keep emailing them when a change was made because it was automatically updated each time. It allowed my venue coordinator to make necessary changes as well. I loved the option the website gives to see your wedding in 3D! Just looking at my layout again makes me see how well Allseated makes your layout feel like real life! Not only can it create a layout but it allows you to do a wedding timeline and share it with your vendors. You can also keep track of your RSVP’s, guest lists, meal options per guest, send free Evites, Save the Dates, and such! The possibilities are endless really. They do offer great customer support with a live chat and tutorials on how to use their website. It was super easy and simple! Enjoy! If you guys have any questions please contact me under the about me tab, or shoot me a comment!

This is the same view in real life as it was in 3D for comparison.


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