How to plan your Honeymoon without actually planning it!

You don’t need a travel agent!


I am going to recommend two travel websites that I have used. Cheap Caribbean and Vacation Express. I’ve used cheap Caribbean for other vacations but we used Vacation Express for our honeymoon because it offered the best prices for the package we wanted. It was extremely easy! We narrowed down our search by ALL INCLUSIVE, ADULTS ONLY! Alcohol and foods included! You don’t have to pay for anything! Tips are not required but appreciated. We also didn’t have to leave any deposit with the resort beforehand or acquire any taxes or fees upon arrival or after.

  1. Enter your desired dates and destination.
  2. Select your hotel.
  3. Chose your flight.
  4. Select upgrades such as excursions and airport transfer.
  5. And payment. (Can be divided into a payment plan.)

We did also purchase travel insurance through another website instead that was cheaper.  I bought it because we were staying for so long, and I was a bit worried about lost luggage, weather, medical accidents, and such through where I was able to compare pricing, and details. it was $96ish for both Diego and I. Nothing wen’t wrong but when we couldn’t find Diego’s Luggage we checked in  (because of the rum) I was a bit excited for the possibility of a $500 reimbursement through the company. But it came tumbling down the ramp to us.

In doing my research I was so overwhelmed with hotels, airplane tickets, transportation, activities that I didn’t know where to start! This website makes it simple and provides you only with options of your interest within your budget. With the excursions I looked up reviews and photos before booking. We did two separate payments for our honeymoon. Before the last payment I could still change my excursions! So that was great! I did get into contact with vacation express for help over the phone. They were so nice!

I love how this website made it so easy to book exactly what we wanted. We picked Punta Cana! I knew I wanted an 8 night honeymoon! Crazy, but we both needed that much time away from work and life to enjoy the married life. Punta Cana was within a reasonable price for a vacation that long. We were a bit stuck between staying at a more popular resort with a smaller room or a less popular resort with the BEST room! We went with the 2nd option, Grand Palladium! Let me tell you that this resort went above and beyond for us in making our Honeymoon special! They have multiple resorts around the world! Seriously look into them!

Our flight was at 4am after our wedding, because we wanted to arrive early in the day at Punta Cana.We packed light and just took carry on suitcases to avoid hunting them down. We arrived at the airport, looked up our tickets, and got on a plane with a layover in Miami. . Then once in Punta Cana our vehicle was waiting for us, With WiFi! Then at the hotel, they let us check our bags in until it was check in time. We were greeted with alcohol and food right away. We had our own massive jacuzzi in the room! And our room had 4 bottles of alcohol included, mini fridge with snacks, and 24/7 room service included! At no extra cost. Diego totally ordered room service that night 4 times. Not kidding you.

We picked dolphin swimming, zip-lining, Parasailing, and Sea Trekking as our excursions. They all include transportation to and from your resort. We also participated in sports at our resort. Plenty to do there! They hosted different events throughout our stay. Our package included staying at one and playing at all their resorts. We ate at almost every restaurant. Coffee was a way of life there. Needless to say we our hooked on Dominican coffee now.

They gave us a honeymoon bottle of rum to take home! and of course our vehicle was waiting to take us back to the hotel. Once home we had a family member to pick us up, but you can always just take a Uber home. The whole process was super easy! We only spent money on Photo, video, and souvenirs!



Wedding Shopping on the Holidays

We went wedding hunting mainly on the holidays and this is why…


Many Wedding supply websites throw half off specials on the holidays. That was a plus about having a year-long engagement. I was able to keep my eye on what I wanted and when the prices dropped. My wedding was huge and you wouldn’t believe how much money I saved because I was patient and knew exactly what I wanted. I shopped on the following dates:

  • Black Friday – Half off most websites! Totally got my linen this day!
  • Christmas – Many websites need to get rid of what they have and restock on new items for the new year! I got my napkins this day!
  • Presidents day – Totally ordered my invites this day.
  • Valentines day – Totally got a bunch of cute decor for the wedding this day with love quotes and such!
  • Fathers day – You can totally get your dad an awesome wedding. gift this day! I got mine an authentic genuine leather notebook!
  • Mothers day – I made my mom a cute frame that i decorated from hobby lobby on sale.
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day

In general if I want something bad enough but if it’s too expensive I watch it until it goes on sale, and that’s exactly what I did when it came to our wedding. A huge example of this was our linen. Renting linen was at least $10 per table for ivory table cloths. Instead I bought my linen for $5 per table. And I wasn’t worried about having to return anything at the end of the day. I told my coordinator that I didn’t care if we left the linen because it was so cheap!

Etsy is totally the place to go on holidays! If you don’t see something on sale on the holiday that you really want message the shop and ask if they were doing any holiday sales. If they aren’t they at least offer you a small discount for sharing their business on Pinterest and such.





December Wedding in a Big Texas Barn

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share some of our sneak peaks from our wedding day, until the rest come in!


How we Made our Wood Slabs!

We ordered these wood slabs after posting in our local classifieds requesting wood disks, slabs, slices. I paid about $5 each. Which was still cheaper than anything I saw online or at craft stores. They were cut from a sweet gum tree. Since it came from a live tree, the slabs were moist still. I was instructed to stack them in three’s and let them dry on my back porch. After a day, it was still moist. So I laid them out one by one in the sun for 2 hours and then flipped them to the other side for another 2 hours. They were finally dry after 2 days! Some were still  a little moist so we put them in the microwave for a few seconds! Totally worked! Super dry! If you don’t dry your wood slabs let me show you, what can happen…


If this happens, no worries… it’s an easy fix! Get some bleach and a paintbrush and brush the mold. then let dry in the sun to clean it!

So after brushing some bleach on it and letting it sun dry, its like nothing happened! The mold slowly faded. Yay! Of course, something always goes wrong in a DIY, right!

So now that we had good dry clean wood slabs, we sanded the slabs down! I didn’t completely sand them down because we loved the look of the chainsaw imprints! And it made them lighter in appearance.

Finally I cleaned them off with a rag to remove the wood dust from sanding them down, and started the sealing process. Since we bought these 10 or so months before the wedding, we wanted to seal them so they wouldn’t crack. If your wedding is in a month or so, I wouldn’t worry about sealing them if you like the look! We used polyurethane to seal them but you can also use polycrylic so that it won’t turn yellow like ours did. it helps to keep that lighter white color after it’s sanded. We were fine with how it made it look darker. We added two coats of Poly to each side and then sealed the rims where the bark is with spray can Poly just because it was faster and I was tired of brushing. My husband played a big role in helping make these and I highly recommend asking people to help with sealing the slabs if you decide to do so.

After researching the internet a bit on my new DIY, I realized treating the wood with lacquer will give it a clear finish that’s not as noticeable as using polyurethane. Polyurethane is still clear but it makes wood appear a little darker. Like ours. Cracking occurs in the woods natural drying process. small cracks are going to happen! but it added character to our slabs. We loved them.

We then stored them in our attic where the temperature is dry and consistent. Too much of a drastic change in temperature can cause the wood to expand and crack. 10 months later we took them down and only 3 were cracked. and those 3 were still absolutely beautiful!

This is the end result! We put lanterns on them with greenery on the lanterns 😀 I will update this post once I get my wedding photography. I hope this post helps! If you live in houston and want me to provide you with more information about where I purchased these please contact me through my contact page.