Wedding Shopping on the Holidays

We went wedding hunting mainly on the holidays and this is why…


Many Wedding supply websites throw half off specials on the holidays. That was a plus about having a year-long engagement. I was able to keep my eye on what I wanted and when the prices dropped. My wedding was huge and you wouldn’t believe how much money I saved because I was patient and knew exactly what I wanted. I shopped on the following dates:

  • Black Friday – Half off most websites! Totally got my linen this day!
  • Christmas – Many websites need to get rid of what they have and restock on new items for the new year! I got my napkins this day!
  • Presidents day – Totally ordered my invites this day.
  • Valentines day – Totally got a bunch of cute decor for the wedding this day with love quotes and such!
  • Fathers day – You can totally get your dad an awesome wedding. gift this day! I got mine an authentic genuine leather notebook!
  • Mothers day – I made my mom a cute frame that i decorated from hobby lobby on sale.
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day

In general if I want something bad enough but if it’s too expensive I watch it until it goes on sale, and that’s exactly what I did when it came to our wedding. A huge example of this was our linen. Renting linen was at least $10 per table for ivory table cloths. Instead I bought my linen for $5 per table. And I wasn’t worried about having to return anything at the end of the day. I told my coordinator that I didn’t care if we left the linen because it was so cheap!

Etsy is totally the place to go on holidays! If you don’t see something on sale on the holiday that you really want message the shop and ask if they were doing any holiday sales. If they aren’t they at least offer you a small discount for sharing their business on Pinterest and such.