Why I Went With Winnie Couture

Winnie Couture has a large selection of bridal dresses. What I love about them is that they do not cater to one specific style. They accommodate any bride’s tastes and any wedding theme. My dress was perfect for a barn wedding! My friend Aliett just got her dress recently from Winnie too! When she stepped out of that fitting room with the dress she picked, I gasped and was in total shock, It was perfect! Her Fiancee and my best guy friend, Abner, is going to just love it. I kept my dress in my closet for over 9 months and it never got a single wrinkle! The material is high quality. And they put so much detail into their lace on their dresses. Plus they sew in the bra into the wedding dress so all you need is a seamless beige panty. Nothing itchy goes underneath. The prices range form $1,700-$8,500. I figured if I was paying anything over 2k that I better love it. I did go to Davids Bridal and other bridal stores like BHLDN. I tried on dresses under the 2K range and disliked them all. The price was right, but the dresses weren’t, in my opinion. I didn’t get any attention from whoever helped me at Davids Bridal. Not even when I picked our flower girl dress from there, even though we made an appointment! Going into Winnie I was the ONLY bride there. And I had Lindsey’s full attention. It was such an intimate moment to say YES to the dress! With Aliett, Lindsey helped her just the same! My mom ended up picking the dress for me to try on that I chose. I was not expecting to love my dress! And just like Aliett I did not believe I’d pick it that day! They require you to put 50% down to order and make the dress and then to pay the rest when you come pick it up. but if you purchase a dress at your first visit you get 15% off. I did pay for a custom dress to be made to fit me, and I got my Swarovski crystal veil from there.  Paying for the dress to be custom made to your body is such a relief. They measure every single inch of you to make the most perfect fit! Being short, I didn’t want to lose any details in the lace of the dress. It’s such a relief to have picked up my dress, wedding ready. No alterations or having to worry about anyone messing up my dress, or changing it in any way. If your a #WinnieBride please submit your photos to me! I’d love to see them and maybe even post them!


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