Renting from Vow to be Chic

So I had a really good experience renting from vow to be chic.

I picked the dress Aiden that is convertible by Jenny Yoo. it was $95 to rent plus shipping I believe. I added the girls contact information and vow to be chic emailed them with my bridal suite. With my login I was able to track who ordered their try on, who paid for their rental and if they returned it. Kimberlee handled contacting the girls for me, so I did not have to be a bridezilla and stress about the girls, and their dresses. The reason I rented instead of bought is because the dresses already came according to the girls heights. With being a December wedding, I knew I wanted long dresses. Thinking about adding alterations on top of buying dresses would have really sucked! I designated the maid of honor to return the dresses and contact the girls. They are suppose to mail the dresses out 2 weeks before the wedding, but I got mine like a month before really! You keep the bag and hanger the dress came in, and you fold it up and drop it off at UPS in the packaging they provide within 4 days after the wedding. Super easy! Don’t forget to collect the reciept at UPS and save it until Vow to Be Chic shows they received the dress.