From Houston to Seattle to Vancouver Canada!

A Trip to remember: Houstonians getting to explore the best of Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada BC.

I wanted to share a few of the pictures I took while on our trip to Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada BC. My husband and I both wanted to go out of the country somewhat last minute and we considered Canada, but international flights not booked in advance are a bit on the pricey side. We considered flying to Seattle, staying for a few nights, then traveling to Vancouver by bus. The price was significantly cheaper from Houston. We took a direct flight on Alaska Airlines. Thankfully if you have T-mobile ONE that gets you one hour of internet and texting free on any flight that has go-go Wi-Fi. What I love about T-Mobile is having signal anywhere we go in the world. I specifically got with T-mobile because I planned on traveling a lot. Alaska Airlines provided yummy snacks, and I’ve got to say my experience with them went well. Arriving to Seattle on the left of the plane was saw a beautiful snowcap mountain, even in August! It was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen on the entire trip.

(picture from AirBNB)

In looking at hotel prices staying in Seattle is VERY expensive. The cheapest hotel I could find (by the airport, far away from where we wanted to be.) was $75 per night, not including taxes or fees. And it was sketchy to say the least. I looked on AirBNB and found Roy Street Commons owned by Eric. He runs this place like an AirBNB hotel. We were provided with fresh muffins every morning, had our own code to the front door and our room, and he responded promptly to our messages. So, long story short, originally, we were going to only stay in Seattle one night but our Canada AirBNB canceled literally the day before! (DON’T BOOK THIS GUY)  I messaged Eric and he called me as soon as he had another room in his building open for another night. He saved us, and we got to enjoy another day in Seattle and a better AirBNB in Canada. The first night at Roy Street Commons we stayed in room 104 in a twin bed (we did it in college, so why not?). One thing we learned fast coming from Texas, was to expect no central air conditioning anywhere. But it’s not needed what’s so ever. It cost us about $100 and had everything we needed. It was small and brought back college dorm memories for us. It was walking distance from many shops and bars. Perfect location. We took  an Uber and the rail everywhere. The second night we moved our stuff upstairs to room 503 with a full bed.

The rooftop of this building is great, you get a romantic view of the Seattle skyline. Try looking for any AirBNB in Capital hill for that price. You won’t find it. I told my husband that I’d rather stay in a small clean AirBNB than any of the sketchy hotels we saw online.

We did some Pinterest research and already had a feel of what we wanted to do in this city. Of course, seeing the space needle was at the top of our list. It’s beautiful to see this amazing work of architecture constructed in the 1962.


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I got some great pics of the city up there! We also went to the Science Museum to kill some time before we could view the needle. (book your tickets for the space needle online before you go so that you don’t have to wait.) The museum was interesting, but seems to be more for kids so I would not recommend it. If you have children, I think you should go for sure!

Definitely ride the famous monorail to the mall.

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After the Space needle, we ended up at Mantra, which is a Thai Restaurant. You must EAT HERE! It was amazing. And they have the BEST Thai Tea! Diego got the Thai Tea Coffee that also was delicious! So good, that on the way back from Canada we stopped there again.

Who goes to Seattle without checking out Pike Place Market. We walked around for a bit, went to the gum wall that’s located there, and had some yummy donuts and honey. I had a margarita while on the Great Wheel.

The original Sarbucks is at Pike Place Market, and please don’t assume that Starbucks on Pike Street is the original one. The original Starbucks says Draft and it has mugs with the original logo. It’s a very small shop in front of Pike Place Market, and the line wasn’t bad at all. They’re fast at getting through the line of people. Be sure to buy a mug from there showing that you were at the OG Starbucks!

Check out this Dessert, Drink place called Blank Space Cafe. They serve yummy coffee, boba drinks, and ice-cream among other things. They’re known for their bubble waffle served with ice-cream! I ordered green tea ice-cream with the original bubble waffle, with cereal and mochi as my topping.

Yep they’re named Blank Space Cafe and even have T. Swifts lyrics on their wall. You think they have copy rights? Mhmm…maybe. We walked most places and took Uber for everything else.

We spent the night at local bars and walking around Capitol Hill. I got these cool pics from the rooftop of our AirBNB. In the morning we packed our bags and took a bus to Vancouver, Canada to another AirBNB located in Yaletown. The bus there on BOLT was about 3-3.5 hours with only one stop. I felt like we arrived fast! We took the subway to our AirBNB and walked everywhere in Vancouver. Another option would be taking the scenic train that goes along the west coast. We didn’t know about it at that time, but the bus was still cheaper than the train. I would not recommend taking any other bus except bolt bus because it made the least stops and got us there the fastest.

Started out day with a cup of cofee topped with canadian maple syrup flakes. Be sure to get some coffee in both Seattle and Canada. As long as you have a Visa credit card you have no worries about having to exchange your money for some Canadian cash.

On our agenda was the famous Steam Clock in Gasstown. In Vancouver you walk everywhere! So please be sure to pick a location to stay that is where you want to be. They do not have Uber here. Gasstown was a 15-20 minute walk from out AirBNB. We reached a total of about 29K steps in just one day!

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Stanley Park was a 45 minute walk. So we cheated and rented a Car2Go. This app allowed us to rent a car only for the time we needed it. The price was the same as an Uber except we were the ones driving.

Be sure to check out the popular spectacular Capilano Suspension Bridge! Free shuttles leave from Hyatt Regency Hotel every 10-15 minutes.

This beauty right here is what you see us taking pictures on previously. The trees are so tall that even from far away I am not able to get the top and bottom of the trees in the picture!

We checked out Granville Island, Which I found out isn’t really an Island. It’s a peninsula! Take an Aqua bus there instead! Super cheap!

The Market is well known for their yummy and unique treats! be sure to get some coffee from JJ Bean. Both Canada and Seattle are known for some of the best coffee!

One of our most memorable restaurant’s was Tuc Craft Kitchen. OMG, THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING! Definitely not cheap but you do get what you pay for! Yummy Canadian food!

My best pictures were of food. Future food photographer in the making? Haha. This place also had some of the most sophisticated best drinks we have ever had.

All in all, this trip went smoothly and we made memories of a lifetime! I’ve realized in the time I have taken for myself, that what matters most is experiences and the relationships that you have with people. Life is too short and I want to squeeze in as much traveling as I can into it. Our world is our playground! Let’s explore it! I’m thankful to god for having sent me the best partner to live it with!

Message me for questions and tips on planning a similar trip!