Costa Rica

Costa Rica Trip

Ok, So I am back tracking a bit with this trip. We went on this girls trip back in November of 2015. My husband thinks Punta Cana was beautiful but when I tell him that Costa Rica is yet the most beautiful place I have ever been, he doesn’t believe me. On top of it all you can get an all inclusive trip with flight for pretty cheap! Something to consider when booking a honeymoon since its so affordable. Even more affordable than going to Mexico if you’re smart about it!

This was the view from our villa. We ended up staying at The Springs Resort and Spa. We stayed in the Presidential Villa. Which also has hosted celebrities like Beyonce, Will Smith, and the Kardashians. After experiencing a room like that, living like a celebrity for a few days really does show that money can buy SOME sort of happiness (sometimes). This specific resort came out so cheap for us because we split the cost, and purchased it through a Groupon deal here. That room costs about $2,300 for a night. Yeah, No. I don’t have Beyonce money like that. We each spent $400 total for the room for 4 nights. Costa Rica is known as the happiest place in the world. Many Americans chose to retire there, especially since the cost of living is so cheap. Vacationing here is also a bargain in comparison to other travels. Common sites to use to plan a trip here would be Groupon, Cheap Caribbean, and Vacation Express as noted in my honeymoon post.

My friend Oanh and I have this tradition of taking travel pics of our shoes at the airport on top of our matching luggage. We do it for good luck with every trip.

This is a common Dominican Dish including plantains, rice, beans, and chicken made by a local. Definitely do cultural tours when going to another country.

Tasting some pure strong sugar cane tequila.

This was the best way to get the most breath taking views of the land!

yep, we did this too!

Our resort had these amazing warm mineral springs, that make your skin feel so soft!

We also took a hike of the rain forest. Just look  at how big this tree is! and this is just the base!

I am such an animal lover. These guys are everywhere! even our back porch of our villa.


“The Springs Resort and Spa is a 165 acre luxury boutique five star hotel in La Fortuna, Arenal, Costa Rica with the best view of the Arenal Volcano and the most onsite guest amenities including a 14,000 square foot full service Spa, hot springs, a kilometer of frontage on the Arenal River and a wildlife rescue preserve. We are the best hotel for bird watching in Arenal along with hiking, river fishing, kayaking and wildlife tours.  We have been rated one of the best five star hotels in the La Fortuna, Arenal area of Costa Rica.” – From The Springs Resort.

I do plan to blog more about my previous trips, But we also do have another up coming trip to Colorado for January! Subscribe to stay updated!