A Rose Gold Christmas

We want to extend a beautiful Merry Rose Gold Christmas to you! Harlow is in love with our tree! She loves hiding behind it and laying under it! Oh, She also say’s she wants to wish you a Merry Christmas! Romeo is not happy when taking pictures for us so I didn’t put him through the torture. He’s a grumpy grandpa these days.

This year I decided to go with brown craft paper as wrapping paper! I added some glam with red ribbon with gold glitter letters stating Merry Christmas. Red is my favorite color and we incorporated it into the tree too. I use the craft paper for a lot of different crafts! I got a massive roll that covers 75 packages with twine from Amazon for about $22 here.

I love the simplicity of the brown wrapping paper not taking away from the beautiful ribbon. I am seeing a lot of the brown wrapping on blogs and Instagram this holiday! It’s definitely a trend I gave in to! And the red ribbon makes the red glitter ornaments pop on the tree.

I made my own Christmas envelope addressing on word, that I do plan to share with y’all as soon as I can figure out how to drag the font over to a template that’s downloadable. We got these nice Jumbo card’s from shutterfly engraved with rose gold stamped foil. They are seriously massive and show the beautiful detail from our forever family photographer Picture This Forever. Currently you can get 40% off with code: JOLLYGOOD. Christmas does not have to be expensive to be beautiful! I am all about catching quality goods at a bargain! I will not steer you in the direction that will break the bank or lie about the cost I spent on an item. I look like I live a lavish lifestyle because of this philosophy. Smart shopping is the way to go.

Last year I gave you my heart…just kidding… LAST YEAR I went with Hobby Lobby for my tree ornaments and the year before I got my tree in 2015 for 50% off. I believe it stands 9 ft tall. it’s pre-lit and has pinecones. I always get asked if its a real tree. I wouldn’t change anything about it for this reason. it comes apart in 4 sections thats easy to store and set up.

BUT THIS YEAR…. I WENT TO MICHAELS!!!! click that link to see which ornaments I got from ASHLAND for under $4!! I went with ASHLAND for ALL of my decor almost! Rose Gold everything!!!

Here we went with Target for this beautiful star ornament and Copper lit tree topper!

We have been into a lot of geometric shapes lately in our home so of course the tree has to have it! Also from Target.

How cute is this French press ornament from Starbucks??

Our tree really does tell a story like one of our friends have stated! This ornament speaks volumes. Because it is our wedding cake!

Speaking about our wedding cake, yep we totally put our cake topper on tree!

We added a Weenie dog to our front yard and hung these LED energy saver Christmas lights from Walmart on our house. The penguin is from the previous years and is also from Walmart. Our neighbors little son loves it!

This is not the current wreath on our door now. I changed it to a white pine wreath with rose gold ornaments, This was just the one I had up while I waited for it to arrive. my favorite is anything magnolia tree related and this wreath is full of magnolia leaves. It looks so real! This wreath literally brings me so much joy when I look at it.

This Rose gold pink cone tree and pink beaded glittery reindeer is from Michael’s as well. The brand is Ashland and currently it’s 50% off. The Merry Christmas wood sign is from Target as well as the lanterns.

Hobby Lobby had nothing rose gold or that I liked… but we did get this ornament there.

Small pine tree for our breakfast table and fall linen from Target!

I am so ready for the new year! I’ve got my calendar already! But I’m enjoying every bit of December for now.

Here is the final product! Rose Gold ribbon is from Homegoods! Our tree topper is totally touching the ceiling. lol. Go big or go home. Merry Christmas guys!!