A Guest List That Matters!

Hello Guys!

I’ve waited a long time to blog about this one! As I feel passionate about who I chose to come to my wedding. I wish I would have come across this image before I sent save the dates. It would have come in handy! I went through these questions in my head, but didn’t go through them in this order. I had a friend that I wanted to send an invitation to even though I hadn’t spoken to them in a year. They are important to me, but we ended on bad terms. I still didn’t want them missing this special day if we happened to rekindle the friendship later. Here, the big question comes in. Can you imagine that day without them? Like I can miss your birthday, but your wedding. NOPE. It’s different. I also had a bridesmaid who dropped out, but I still would have been devastated if she wasn’t at least at my wedding. As picky as we were with our guest list, Things still happened. Someone stole one of my husbands relatives phone that they left in the restroom, and people showed up for the food and alcohol but not to see me walk down the aisle. Wedding’s are just one thing you should never be late to. Never. The whole point is the couple getting wed! “WEDding.” I lied to my guests. I said 2:30pm but didn’t walk until like 3pm for this reason. Hispanics are the worst with time. I’m telling you. Anyways, as I was saying….We were VERY picky about who came to our wedding. We only invited our friends who we basically consider family. Life long friends! And the coworkers we did invite, were very close friends. Because your wedding is a VERY intimate moment. We opened our hearts in-front of everyone in our vows. The rest of the guests were family. Even if you don’t talk to the family member as much, it’s something about being blood that unites you. Overall our guest list was 250, we got 210 RSVP’s, and there were 230 people at our wedding! Maybe because I was on it. I contacted all the people who I knew wanted to come but didn’t RSVP. Then, I confirmed with those who did RSVP. The average cost for a wedding guest is well over $100 per head. So when you RSVP, you better be there. Now that I’ve learned my wedding etiquette, I’ve made sure to never make that mistake ever again. Don’t feel bad for restricting people from coming to your wedding.¬†We had people who we hardly consider friends coming up to us saying “Don’t forget to invite me to the wedding.” We nicely explained that we were on a tight guest list because we are “Mexican.” Yes, we pulled that card. You can figure out your own nice explanation to give other than “We don’t know you like that.” You could just say that you are only inviting family or that it’s a small wedding. Remember it’s your wedding! Especially if you’re the one paying for it! Have it your way!


Wedding Invitation Deal!

Hello Ladies! Just wanted to share where I got my Save the Date magnets from and what deal I used to get 50% off! Wedding Paper Divas has a Groupon right now for half off! This Groupon comes and go’s often. So you don’t have to purchase them now. I chose magnets because they are useful, and hopefully people won’t throw them away!