Well, Hello there

I have taken nearly a year long break from blogging. I have been so busy with grad school, working as a full time nurse, and just being pregnant! I still craft, I still love home decor, and I still love wedding planning. I still love all the things that I intended this site to be for everyone. I thought I wanted to help strangers and become a useful resource for others, but now I realize I love my privacy and the intimate relationships I have built with those around me. I never wanted to become popular or make money off of blogging. I genuinely just enjoyed the topics that I talked about.

Walking away from social media, gave me the clarity to focus on me and focus on what I wanted in my life. I got to that quarter of a century life crisis that no one tells you about last year. 25. Yep, 25 hit me hard. 25, was that transition phase. To separate myself from the toxic. I needed to focus on god. I needed to focus on what was real in life. Not the material things or how I looked like to the world. I truly discovered myself in the calm, clarity, and peacefulness I allowed to surround me.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many offering to support us through this pregnancy. While my membership is still up on this blog, I plan to share our precious moments with you, but with a password protected site. It should notify my subscribers when I post…simply go to my website and put that password I have shared with you!